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The Blue Wizard can create a new website for you from scratch, or revise and upgrade your existing one, particularly if you want to sit databases and other working functionality under an existing "Home Page" or "Small Business Page".

Carl, our chief programmer, and Marney, our chief Graphic Designer, have both been working professionally on website design and creation for the last 15 years. Between them, they have participated in the creation of over 500 websites for customers, ranging from simple Home Pages to highly sophisticated large retail and on-line ordering websites for major corporate clients around Australia.

Open "Mr Pickwick's Fine Old Books" web site in a new window.

We have recently been contracted to create a highly sophisticated database-driven website for one of Katoomba's leading retailers, Mr Pickwick's Fine Old Books.

We managed to design, create and fit-out the base database processes, register the domain name and actually bring this website LIVE all in a space of seven working days!

No reason whatsoever why your own business can not be equipped with a functioning website like Mr Pickwick's Fine Old Books, without it costing the earth.

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Content updated: 05 Mar 2009