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This section of our web site will be updated based upon queries from our clients, and it will contain various hints and tips for fixing some of the more common computer-related problems.

As with any "Do It Yourself" manual, you should read the instructions before actually performing the work on your computer. If you are unsure about following the instructions then DO NOT PROCEED!.

The Hardware subsection covers information relating to the configuration and testing of computer hardware and peripherals. In the Viruses subsection there are discussions covering the symptoms and, where available, cures for various computer Trojans, Viruses and Worms. Information on various Hoaxes and Urban Legends is also provided. In addition, There are also hints & tips for the two most common families of Operating System, namely Linux and Windows.

Use of the information and data contained on this web site is at your sole risk. If you rely on the information contained herein, it is your responsibility to ensure its accuracy, currency or completeness by independent verification. If you find an error in our documentation please feel free to send an email to

Whilst all care has been taken to ensure that the hints and tips presented here are accurate, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of information presented on this web site.

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