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Nowadays most problems with computers are software related. However, there are those odd occassions where the fault is actually hardware related! So we have collected a number of simple measures that one can follow for checking various hardware components.

The articles in the Hardware section are only suitable for those who feel comfortable with opening up the computer and delving into the working parts.

CAUTION: Before attempting any of the hardware-related remedies listed on this web site you MUST disconnect your computer from its power source. If your computer is "Mains Powered" you MUST un-plug it from the power socket or power adapter. Additionally, if your computer can be "Battery Powered" then the battery MUST be removed.

Failure to disconnect your computer from its power source may result in permanent damage!

Re-seating the cables and components listed below can save many hours of wasted effort:

The computer's Processor, or CPU, should only be re-seated by a suitably competent computer technician.

If problems are still evident after re-seating the cables and components then you should perform a Memory (RAM) Test.

Content created: 01 Jan 2006
Content updated: 01 Jan 2006